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Prepaid for Individuals

A VCN prepaid solution can help you with travel expenses, sending money overseas, online shopping and more. A prepaid card is safer because it is not linked to your bank account, helping to eliminate fraud.

Prepaid for Business

A VCN prepaid solution can reduce your transaction costs, speed up processing payments and provide a suite of additional benefits to assist your business operation.

Prepaid for Government

A VCN prepaid solution provides complete visibility and control on all payments. Cards are restricted to specific merchant ID’s so funds cannot be spent on needless goods and services.

About V Card Net

VCN is a specialist provider of prepaid solutions to individual consumers, businesses and government sectors. Based in central London, we have a highly experienced International management team.

The VCN prepaid products are delivered via a highly secure and robust platform, complying with leading bank security protocol, and integrating with many providers to offer a seamless prepaid solution.

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News & Media

VCN Partnership with My Big Coin Pay Inc.

Wednesday 12 August 2016 | press

My Big Coin Pay Inc. based in Las Vegas, United States who provide Virtual currency can now deliver their europe clientele with prepaid Visa Cards.